Environmental, Social and Governance Manager

Lichinga Heading Moz

Heading is recruiting for its client a Envoironmental, Social and Governance Manager (M/F) to be based in Lichinga.

Main responsibilities:

  • Organize, manage and motivate the ESG department staff;
  • Set goals, prepare work plans and budgets and manage against these;
  • Plan and organize community and stakeholder communication and manage the community social development fund program;
  • Plan and organize environmental activities to prevent and mitigate adverse impact and advance conservation and other positive developments;
  • Plan and provide health & safety support to operational and forestry teams to ensure that the following is being held: Tool.box-talks, safety inspections, satety indutions and training, drug use and other controls accident reporting, and organization of accident investigations;
  • Manage and ensure the effective application of the grievance system;
  • Take part in government or forest sector initiatives related to certifications, stakeholder engagement or key areas of ESG interest;
  • Support and collaborate with management with input from an ESG pespective on key operational decisions written contracts to ensure compliance with ESG commitments;
  • Through the planned activities, ensure compliance with agreements, policies and procedures, and the standards are committed to follow;
  • Organize and  manage external and internal ESG related audits and inspections, including FSC audits and audits by government offices;
  • Develop corrective action and other ad-hoc plans and manage their execution required to close out CARs, other requests from auditors and to rectify internal deficiencies;
  • Develop materials and provide training to staff to ensure that all relevant individuals are operating in a manner to ensure that  meets all of its E&S obligations, as well a ensuring the company maintains  and expands its E&S certifications;
  • Responsible for keeping an overview of the  E&S impacts and aspects resister and environmental risk assessments, and ensuring that the various managers ensure that they are kept up to date and are effectively communicated.

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